privacy policy

Privacy Policy is careful about its viewer’s privacy. Every viewer can decide whether he/she wants to receive e-mails from codefile or not. Our viewers can also choose to receive information regarding our website through our other collaborative parties.

We use the demographic data of our viewers so to make further improvements in what we deliver accordingly.  We ask for our viewer’s personal data such as name, email ID etc. to keep them up to date about our services as well as to send notifications with regard to our offers and of our other affiliates.

codefile uses the non-private information to it collaborative partners just for the sake of business. An example of this can be the number of our customers in a particular demographic area who receive our e-mails.

We believe in hiding nothing about what type of your personal information codefile receives when any of its viewer views our website. It includes the data presented in your log files. It can comprise of your internet protocol (IP) address, your browser for visiting our website e.g., Firefox, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) e.g., PTCL, Wi-tribe etc., the duration for which you stayed to our website and our web pages you visited.  We also take the necessary steps to protect your private information.

We also make use of cookies for storing information e.g., our visitor’s preference at the time of visiting our website. It might include sign up for being part of our forums or appearing of a popup when you visit our website.

We also run advertisements by third parties in order for supporting our website. It is also possible that some of our third partners make use of cookies for advertising on our website which may provide information regarding our viewer’s ISP, IP address and of the browser they used.  The main purpose of using this kind of viewer’s information can be running specific ads according to a particular website or geo-targeting.